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Thread: If a book was layed out like a web page??????

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    Tell me dear brothereen who surf the Veb...

    if you where given a book that has a layout like this forum-interface/thread/post/link/add wise etc

    would you read it?

    if it was the first book like that yes i would read it - but after that piss off

    personally i find that there is Waaay tooo much info on a "web page" compared to a "book page"

    the web thinks that the more info and clikables the better - but for a good eazy read you need Zen


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    I'd try reading a book in forum form, but yeah, I'm inclined to agree that it would get old after the first book.

    Another thing that'd put me off is my monitor. It's rather old now, so things are getting blurry. Reading eBooks is pretty hard on the eyes.


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