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Thread: Help With Building Laptop!

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    ok im starting to build my PC and i want to know can u build laptops do they sell cases for them or is it not possiable too build ur own laptop? It seems like you should be able to but i can't seem to find anywhere that sells the stuff needed?!?!

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    IMO if you go that way you're just asking for trouble. But I'd be interested to see if anybody thinks it can be easily done.

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    It will probobly be cheaper to buy a new one.
    All them components are way expensive.

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    Well I have often thought about this. It seems that you can get a better laptop already build but that may be only my perception.

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    It's probably best just to go with one from Dell, HP or the like.

    Notebook parts are expensive, and I've heard that notebooks are very difficult to set up - there's just not as much flexibility as with a desktop.

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    ok if i were to get on prebuilt how hard would it be to modify it what i want is a clear type case would i be able to swap farily easy and do the even sell laptop cases?

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    Laptops are only flexible in "certain areas" sutch as modems, batterys, CD-ROM and floppy drives....they can all be replaced with relative ease...however, changing the case is a entierly diffrent matter, if U want to change the case U will probably have to contact the company from witch U bought the laptop (Dell, Compaq, Toshiba..) because the case varies in size, shape and who knows what else...each model is unique, so it's kinda hard ot sell laptop cases like thay sell desktop cases ....

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    well an alienware notebook can be altered... they say u gotta send it back ot them and they will help u change the parts..



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