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Thread: im gettin fricken sick of this, somebody plz help!!

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    my pc is acting like a slideshow. like if i scroll a screen in the internet it isnt smooth its all jumpy and jerky and idk wtf is wrong. i've tried the latest ati drivers and the latest omega drivers also and both of them do it. I have direct x 9 and windows xp with service pack 1.

    somebody plz help.
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    Have a look in task manager, see if something is using all your cpu time.
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    nope, but i fixed the problem.. it took about 10 reinstalls of my video card drivers but its all good now. but thanks anyway!

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    it is your grafix card, its probably not installed correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spam-King
    it is your grafix card, its probably not installed correctly.
    he already fixed it...

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