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Thread: Recommend me a capture card, please.

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    I have the ATI TV wonder. I also have another brand. Both work excellent in most cases.

    Here's the problem. With either card, I can capture anything up to 320X240 MPEG2 DVD quality, however, DVD quality is actually 720X480 (NTSC).

    When recording 720X480, the video becomes choppy. I reduce the rate down to 4000kps, and it become less choppy, but the compression quality is very noticeable. A little too noticeable and crappy. Choppy Vs. Crappy. I have created DVD videos with 8000kps and it worked perfect, but not from video with my capture card.

    My computer system is a Pentium4 2.8gHz with XP Corp. I don't have any unnecessary software or drivers running when I use the capture card. I have 512MB DDR RAM too. You'd think that I could capture at 720x240. I even tried capturing with a fresh NEW install of XP. Nothing works.

    I swear, People make a tons of high quality videos of TV shows for download. They must be using MACs or something, because I have talked to a few other people in the same boat as me, using a PC system.

    Is there a quality capture card that can do what I want to do. Make smooth DVD videos with all of the standard DVD settings for NTSC?

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    From what i've found among my friends they encountered the same cases as yours. Even at my lab where i worked before they used Macintosh computers to transfer the videos to the computer (transfer/extract whatsoever). then transfer it to pc using ms windows for editing. lol what a job needs to do.


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