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Thread: 'encrypted data' error with dvd x copy...

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    hi all
    been using dvd x copy for a long time now with no probs...just went to 'backup' a copy of superman and it read it for ages and just when it should have said insert blank disc it came up with an "encrypted data" error box..i have never seen this before! anyone know how to get around it..? or know of another good program for one touch simple dvd-to-dvd copying?

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    I had the same thing happen.... finally,I ignored the error. let it keep reading for a while longer....I can't remember if I manually hit burn, or it started by it's self....but I got it burned in any event.

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    I've not used DVDX-Copy myself so can't help with the error but I can suggest an alternative, should you need it...
    Intervideo's DVDCopy2 would appear to be the king of one-click re-encoder-copiers, going on test results that someone linked to in these forums a few weeks back (DVDShrink & Nero Recode were worst, BTW). The only bug-bear is that it won't touch protected discs, but if you decode the files to your hard drve with DVD decrypter first it'll happily re-encode them to fit DVD5 media.
    You don't get that sappy "321 Studios Backup" loader on discs this way, either.
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    well i just thought i'd try it again today and whaddya worked without a glitch!! thanks anyway all...


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