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    Not sure if this is the place to post this.
    The bin clears newly deleted files and then I get the above error.
    Then I goto properties it says its empty ?
    I have done a virus check.Its driving me nuts now.

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    maybe a registry prob, i don't know

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    are you using Windows Washer 4.8, because somethimes after i run that and then try to clear stuff out of my recycle bin i get a similar message, cant remember the exact message but i only get it once when i try to clear my recycle bin and then its ok after that, now i use norton cleansweep along with windows washer so i very rarely see the message anymore.

    Hope this helps stoi.

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    Try restarting your computer, then manually remove it again, it should solve the problem.

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    Maybe you could try to empty the bin while in safe mode. I'm not too sure what is causing this problem but if nothing works to fix it I wouldn't worry about it too much. I will get solved the next time you need to reinstall your OS.

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    Cheers guys...thanks for all your help.
    I do have window washer and cleansweep.
    I will try all your tips when I wake up properly.
    Thanks again

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    also there is a nasty virus which fooks up your recycle bin stops you from deleteing, i came across this virus ages ago and your virus checker is no use against the file only way to get rid of it, is format your pc.


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