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Thread: Get user rating above 1000 i.e. surpassing k-lite master

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    I read on some other forum somewhere that its possible toget your user rating above 1k by disabling the cheat thing that keeps your rating at 1000 and then by leaving your files open to share. Does anyone know if this works?because I am yet to try it. Would this stop you from getting queued on your downloads? Is there a difference between remotely queued and queued? Sorry about the noob questions.


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    remotely queued = waiting in line on the remote PC
    queued = more downloads then you have set for max downloads at a time on your end.

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    The rating is already above 1000 when you use the cheat.

    Normally all values above 1000 will be shown as 1000, unless you use the K++ option to show the actual value.


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