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Thread: Total CD Image Guide

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    Here's the 3 sample ways for burning ,mounting, extracting and fixing an image
    Basic: Images usually come in .BIN And .ISO File Format.
    with each bin image a file called CUE come's which u need it for mounting and writing images.
    1)CDR Win 5
    1)CDR Win 5
    • Uses of this software
    • Note
    • Intro
    • Mounting image using CDRWIN
    • Writing image to CD using CDRWIN

    Uses of this software:
    • 1:1 copy
    • Writing images
    • Mounting image
    • Creating Data cd
    • Creating Audio cd
    • Creating Video cd
    • Creating Mix mode cd
    • Creating Super Video cd

    Note: You Dont need .CUE file When using cdrwin

    1: for mounting images use this option
    2:for writing images on CD use this option
    3:Virtual CDROm which will be used as dummy cdrom for mounting images and it will be placed in MY COMPUTER after installing CDRWIN
    4:Folder Explorer
    5:File Browser
    6:Selected file will be droped in this window after draging it from File Browser window

    Mounting image using CDRWIN:
    1)Select Test Image
    2)Browse your Image file
    3)drag and drop it into Window #6
    If ur file contains AutoRun file it will open Auto if not then Goto MY COM and open Virtual CDRom ull find ur Mounted File there.

    Writing image to CD using CDRWIN:
    1)Select "Write CD/DVD Image"
    2)Browse your image file
    3)drag and drop it into Window #6
    4)Click start to begain burning

    • Uses of this software
    • Intro
    • Making an image from CD

    Uses of this software:
    • Explorering CD
    • Explorer all kind of image file's
    • Creating all kind of images from CD
    • Extracting all kind of images

    1:Drive selecter which contains CD if you want to make image
    2:Drive and image Explorer
    3:File Browser
    4:For opening Image file use this button

    Making an image from CD
    1)Insert your CD
    2)Choose your drive from Drive selecter
    3)On window #2 right click Track 1
    4)Select "Extract track 01"
    5)Choose what type of image u want(usually "extract Raw data (.bin .iso))
    6)select where to create image file

    Extracting image
    Note: Create an empty folder before extracting image
    1)click on "Open Image file"
    2)Select your image
    3)On menu #2 right click image name with full blue arrow
    4)select extract data from right click menu
    5)select where to extract image
    • Uses of this software
    • Intro
    • Repairing images
    • Making .Cue file
    Uses of this software
    • Image repairing
    • Exploring images
    • extracting images

    1:Image exploring window
    2:Click it to start cheaking image for corruption
    3:Repair Corrupted Sector click on it to start fixing corrupted sector

    Repairing images
    1)click open file
    2)select your file( you need .cue file)
    3)if you dont have cue file select "RAW Image"

    4)Click "Scan For Corruption" and wait untill it finish cheaking
    5)Click "Repair Corrupted Sector"
    6)Click "ReBuild Sector" if there is any corrupted file left[/QUOTE]
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