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Thread: How to download off the IRC network

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    How to download off the IRC network with mIRC 6.16
    By Rip The Jacker/KrackHead2k
    Last update: 02/06/05 02:12PM PST.

    A. Getting and setting up mIRC
    1. Download mIRC.
    2. Open it.
    You get a 30 day trial. If you want a serial PM me. I've noticed a lot of people e-mail me asking for a serial. Do NOT e-mail me asking for a serial, use the PM button under this guide. I will NOT reply to your e-mail, I will only PM you the serial. Also, tell me what version of mIRC you have, so I could give you the right serial.
    3. If the options don't come up, click on Tools > Options
    4. In CONNECT: Fill in the full name, email, nickname, and alternative.
    (You can put anything, your email doesn't even have to be vaild.)

    Should look like this:

    5. In DCC: On send request: pick show get dialog, if file exits: ask.
    On chat request: Ignore all

    Should look like this:

    Important Step:
    6. In DCC > IGNORE: Method: Disabled.
    Uncheck "turn ignore back on"

    Should look like this:

    If you don't do step 6 properly you'll get the following error:
    "You have a DCC pending, Set your client to receive the transfer. (150 seconds remaining until timeout)"

    7. Now your mIRC is set, close it.

    B. Downloading files
    Now this kinda the hard part, so I tried to provide some screenshots. The way to search for files are with DDC search engines, there are a lot, here are a few good ones:
    XDCC Search
    XDCC Spy

    Lets use IRCSpy right now and try and get some download started.
    1. Go to (use IE!) and pick XDCC and search for something, like "Unreal Tournament 2004" for example.
    2. At the top of the search results, where it says "Display offline bots", pick No.

    Now let's say you wanna download the one I've circled in red. Here are the things you need to know.
    In red: the file we want to download
    In blue: the packet number
    In purple: the file's size
    In green: the file's description
    In black: the no. of slots availible

    3. Now, in slots it says 4/50, that means there is room for 4 more people to connect and get this file. So most likely files with zero slots won't work (These are not always up-to-date, this one was updated 32 minutes ago). You don't really need to worry about size, you'll almost never get a fake file.
    4. Lets fire this baby up, with IE, click on the packet number (#12) This will open mIRC and copy the download command to your clipboard. Always use IE, so that the get file command is copied to your clipboard.
    5. mIRC will open, and ask you if you want to connect to that IRC server, pick "change servers and join the channel", and click OK.

    6. The main window will connect to the server, then open another chat window, the channel.
    7. In that new chat window, right click, then paste the command, the send command will look something like this:

    8. Paste that and hit enter, then whatever the bot responds with will be in dark red.
    9. If the download works, you'll get a file warning window. Click OK.

    10. Pick where you want to save it, and click accept.

    THERE. If you followed this guide correctly, you should be sucessfully downloading a file with mIRC. Also, if you aren't successful, keep trying. It's hard to get the really new stuff, to find available slots and everything... so just keep trying, you'll get it.

    C. Resuming Downloads
    People often don't know how to resume downloads, it's very simple. To resume a download, simply try and download the same file again (must have same file name and extension). You can download the file from any server, doesn't have to be the same one, as long as the file is the same. mIRC will ask you if you want to resume the download, or overwrite the file.

    D. Opening Strange File Types
    OK, a lot of people are having problems trying to open their downloads. Most of the files on the IRC network are .tar files, these are opened with WinRAR/WinZIP. Inside the tar files, usually there will be many little files with numbered extentions (.001, .002, etc). These are small parts to a big archive. If there is no .rar file, use WinRAR/WinZIP. and open the ".001" file, then extract whatever is inside, it will start at the ".001" file and continue to extract from ".002" and ".003" until it finishes at the last part.

    E. Advanced mIRC Guide
    Well I hope this guide helped you out alot, I tried to make it as simple as possible. If you want to take mIRC to the next level, check the Advanced mIRC Guide by venom_il.

    Rip The Jacker/KrackHead2k
    You may not edit this guide. You may not
    use this guide on your website without
    permission from me first. I'd be happy
    to see this guide elsewhere online, but
    please ask me first.
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    Enable copy trigger with firefox

    By default Firefox doesnt copy the trigger from packetnews/ircspy

    To change this

    1.) Type about:config in the Firefox address bar

    2.) Enter signed.applets.codebase_principal_support in the filter

    3.) Double click it to change its value to true

    Thats it when you click on a link on packetnewsircspy it should copy the trigger fine now

    Original posted by Benno
    Last edited by {I}{K}{E}; 02-08-2005 at 06:14 PM.

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    Thanks for adding that Ike.

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    in a house..... Dum-a*s !
    cool thxx for the TUT its very easy to follow

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    Thanks you, very good Tutorial. :]
    My Int is not so perfect but, I really believe in Sharing. That's what makes me success in those Sharing websites.

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    thx m8 4 the info

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    thxx mate for the info

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    very good Tutorial

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    tnx man nice tutorial
    but BT good more

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    Thanks, needed something like this...

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