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Thread: MPC file help

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    I recently got a couple of hard to find albums, but i find all the tracks are listed as being an MPC file. Ive taken a look around to find out what they are and how to convert them to mp3 but havent turned up anything. Wondering if anyone here knows anything that could help?

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    Try dBpowerAMP

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    Tried that and its not a format it recognises it seems.

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    what format is it? realmedia?

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    no it just lists it as.
    Type of file: MPC file

    I tried gspot and it shows as a none avi file or anything.

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    what file extention does it have?

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    Googling still works.

    Found some tips in 2 mins.

    You guys are not even trying to find the answers, hehe...

    Anyhoo, I think we're talking about Musepack files,
    check this link for Nero plugins,
    this link for a
    mpc2mp3 plugin, allthought I wouldnt re-encode the files, you'll likely lose even more data.

    Or, just type in the google:

    MPC file

    And you'll find even more info.
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    Wondeful, found foobar2000 and it works a treat

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    Also for anyone else that may run into this, theres a nice winamp plugin so you can play MPC files in everyones fav player.


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