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Thread: bittorrent: why UPnp?

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    anybody know why bittorrent added Upnp port forwarding as its feature?
    i mean i read about upnp in and this thing doesn't seem good
    comments please...

    btw, here's a question...
    i have heard lots of problems where ppl with routers complained about "unable to forward port via UPnP" error in BitTorrent.
    i dun have a router but i do have Sygate installed, i dun seem to have that kind of problem. how come?

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    If you have a router just port forward it and its ok.

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    Upnp isnt good but its a nice idea. I think it just auto opens ports for you in your router, as you don't have a router turn it off (like I'd advise every one)

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    i once tried UPnp but it really it isn't worth the risk. I'd just do a simple port forward before exposing my connection to hackers and viruses.


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