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Thread: Where To Get A Laptop?

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    I was just wondering if anyone knows if laptops are available that don't have any software or operating system suppied with them.

    I ask this because I don't want to pay for software I already have.

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    not too many if any come with out windows all ready on it thats becouse most of the components that are in them are nonstanderd so u got to have the drivers on them when u install the os or they dont work

    one of the hardest thing to do in computer tech work is to make a lap top work that has had the hard drive formated its damm near imposable with out the install disk that came with the comp they tend to be hard to upgrade the os on too

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    Well I have installed both Linux and Windows XP Pro on a few different laptops for other people. I had no problems whatsoever. I just used the right drivers and everything was fine. There must be some suppier that sells them. What about the people who only want to use Linux?

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    i think do them without os.
    but its a uk site, only one i know of.

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    You wont save more than a few bucks. Manufacturers but their software wholesale and pay very little for it. Installing an OS on a completly blank system is not easy, but it's certainly do-able.


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