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    In bittorent since i use a router will it be safe if i open ports 10000 all the way to 60000 ? because in bit tornado client the sign is always on yellow and i have opened 6000 to 7000 and its not helping at all or does anyone have programs for bitorent that is way better? I also see total speed for everyone is 770 kbs and im only getting 5 kbs out of that its not fair.

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    check this site, it has alot of bit torrent info

    you shouldnt open the ports, that will do nothing (the port is open, fine, but how will the router know which PC it has to send the info to?)

    you have to FORWARD ports......... forward them to your comp

    and btw, opening up all those ports is a major security risk, close them asap...... only open the ports you use.......

    use ports above 50000 for BT to be sure (you have to set in bt which port you use btw, then forward that port to your comp, works like a charm for me)

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    Same here I just foward the port in my bt app and then in my router and all done.
    If you dont mind Java then get Azerus since it only needs one port opened and has great features...

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    Now i'm getting conflicting information... Do i need to forward ports 6881-6999 with azureus? or can i settle on a single port forward (e.g. 6881 - azureus default)?


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    Ok let me help ya out here. With azureus you only need to forward ONE port. For example I use port 6500 for my azureus client. I opened ports 6500-6505 in my router just incase I feel like changing my ports in the future.

    Don't use ports 6881-6999. Some ISP porviders are already blocking those ports and it's making it hard for people to get a green light and download at good speeds. My ISP has already blocked those ports.

    Make up your own port. Don't use mine or anyone elses. This keeps the ISP guessing what ports were using.


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