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Thread: Divx on a slow computer.....

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    has ne1 got a solution for this??? ive got 128mb ram, 6gb hard drive and does neone know how divx will work on this comp??

    thank v. much

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    I run dvd's and downloaded movies on my laptop, its 500mmz W/128 ram ruining 2kpro
    so yea, you should have no problems, not like I can muiti-task but just playing a movie with videolan is no problem.

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    thanks for that but i dont think my comps 500mhz. its just 266 or somat like that.

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    :eek: 266 might not be able to run videolan, you could try MPC.You just need to tryCAN YOU READ THIS, JUST CHECKING IF YOU STILL USE A GREENSCREEN

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    hiya, thanks it runs video lan but same problem video is to slow
    p.s. i can read the green writing!!!

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    try using a different MPEG-4 codec? the DivX codec is not the only one that can display DivX movies. try 3ivx. 3ivx especially is supposed to use CPU power more efficiently than the DivX codec does.

    if that doesn't do the trick, then maybe consider buying a DVD player that can display DivX from CD-R/W and DVD-RW/+RW discs, like the LiteOn LVD-2010, Philips DVP 642, etc. the Philips player can be found at pretty cheap prices and its image quality is not bad at all. a much more reasonable option than buying a new PC just to watch movies. (steer clear of the old Circuit City DIVX players though, which you might see on eBay... those are a completely different thing from MPEG-4 DivX)
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    Ya that DivX on demand was a big hit wasnt it...

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    older vesions of bsplayer used fairly little cpu, dunno about newer versions. ALso in bs player turn off post processing and anything else which sounds like it might use extra cpu power. I don't really fancy your chances with a 266 tho, you might get some to run, but any movies of decent quality eg >600MB probably won't. Adding ram probably won't help too much either


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