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Thread: Bittering Edonkey/Overnet glitch Please Help

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    I have 2 files that are 98% complete. After connecting to the network I may get a few sources and a rate appears in the speed tab. The problem is the completed portion of the file never increases. It just stays the same and i dont know where the download is actually going. How can I get these files to complete? This is very frustrating! I've tried moving the files from the Overnet folder to the eDonkey folder and vice versa. It has worked once or twice but for the most part they get stuck on both clients. Any suggestions?

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    I am not sure what you mean but I have had some files that download but after a while get nowhere. For some reason the downloaded portion is always corrupt so it has to redownload again or something. It usually downloads eventually. Is this what you are describing or something different.

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    a rate appears in the spped tab, lets say 6.00 kps. I have 629.40 mb downloaded of a file that is 629.71mb. The rate stays the same or sometimes even increases yet it's stuck on 629.40 mb. It's happening all the time now with almost every single file on overnet and edonkey, this is extremely frustrating!


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