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Thread: Need help with cd protection detection

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    Hi all. Im trying to help a friend of mine in school. He is a drama teacher, trying to organize amusical for the fall semester. He has received cd's from his usual source, paid the fees to have copies made,and all the copies he made have some popping sound in all the tracks. I tried his original and found that his "original" was also a copy, albeit a very good copy. I have tried the usual detection programs, clonyxxl, cd inquery, cd-info, etc. Can anyone offer a suggestion as to how I can discover the protection used on the cd? Thx.

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    This site has lots of information on that sort of thing...IMO
    CD-Media World

    Hope that helps
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    Thanks, but btdt.

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    Would it be difficult to find the tracks with better quality, or no DRM or somesuch
    on p2p?

    I would give it a go.

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