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Thread: New programs installed! Are they spyware?

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    I have been installing a few programs to defend my PC: Sygate firewall 5.5 and Peerguardian. I actually had to install 2 different ver. of peerguardian, the first off Shareaza, then after finding it was freeware, uninstalling and installin the offical ver.

    Well after forcibly uninstalling the first peerguardian I DLed, I found the following programs had been installed (and not by me I think.) ARe they updates or spyware or what? These are the programs in question:
    -Windows SR 2.0
    -Windows AdTools

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    yeah, based on a few searches it looks like both are spy/adware.

    try running spybot or adaware. update the programs before running and fix what it finds.

    post a hijack this log to clean up any remnants.

       custom scanning instructions:
    hijack this:

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    well, I updated and ran spybot, and it said no spyware found. Of course those two programs were stiil installed, so I forced an uninstall w/ Advanced Uninstaller. Seems to be fine. I'll do Hijack THis later if I continue to have problems... I have sygate and peerguardian both running, and while they don't seem to affect my downloads, they do seem to slow down my PC, so I'm hesitant to install more programs (even though I know that program doesn't run in the backround or anything... I'm low on space.) Thanks


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