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Thread: New Weebl & Bob

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    Jon L. Obscene's Avatar Canadain potatoes!!!
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    First one was funny, second sucked

    I got a full set of Weebles round my mums house


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    is everything.
    "Damn you wee mammoth." -LMAO

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    manker's Avatar effendi
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    OK - a joke that's even older than Jonno's naked Sooty one:

    It was mating season so Farmer Jones let the bulls in with the cows, put some Elvis on full blast out of his tractor's speakers and left them to it.

    Some of the Bulls were clearly getting their groove on - but there was a storm a'brewing.

    The wind started first and seemed to knock some ardour out of the bull's stride but being the rough and tough, masculine, tetstosterone charged animals they are, it didn't worry them too much. However, the storm quickly became a hurricane, the like of which had never been seen in Rhyl.

    Not wanting to miss out on the mating Farmer Jones went to ground and from an elevated position kept a close eye on proceedings. He couldn't believe his eyes - the cows were getting blown from pillar to post; falling down, getting lifted clear off their feet and ending up legs akimbo on the turf.

    The bulls, ardour well and truly dampened, were holding their feet though, gently swaying back and forth in the gale force wind. He was perplexed.

    After the storm had subsided Famer Jones went to attend to the stricken cows. On passing the head bull he muttered under his breath his surprise that the bulls were not in disarray and seemingly non plussed by the weather.

    The head bull replied:

    We bulls wobble but we dont fall down.

    I plan on beating him to death with his kids. I'll use them as a bludgeon on his face. -

    --Good for them if they survive.

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    London, so fuck y'all
    Thats terrible


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