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Thread: info on the athlon64 and 64-bit windows

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    what exactly does the 64-bit technology do for the system and it's performance over 32-bit. is it twice as fast since 64 is twice as much. and i've heard that as long as you don't have windows with 64-bit technology then you won't be able to use the 64-bit technology in the amd 64. so if you have the amd64 bit and the 64bit version of windows. what advantages do you have?

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    slightly more performance over 32bit software, but as far as i know, the is no actual 64bit software, give it a while and there willl be more readily availabile 64bit software.

    so its more of a future investment.

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    Yes like he said there is no 64 bit software, so it will do nothing other than shrink your wallet.

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    there is a 64-bit version of windows though correct?

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    True there is a 64-bit version of windows.It has set time period of use,it carries no media player nor any of the "fun" features of XP.Tell then adieu
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