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Thread: Horror Stories ?

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    Since its Haloween.

    I have used it for over a year and had Films, EBooks, Movies, and music and have never come across any of these horror stories you here of.

    On most Tech forums as soon as someone mentions a filesharing problem They queue up to tell you horror stories about how they tried to use one and it distroyed their HD, were attacked by endless viruses, Child porn was forced onto their kids etc.
    Honestly I read one once on PC Answers Forum about someone who claimed that he opened a Filesharing program and his Monitor took fire. Honest, I Kid you not :-) These people crack me up.

    I know a fellow who hates fileshareres, he thinks we are all scum, but he is quite happy to buy DVD's and music CD's and then take them into work and pass them around for others to watch and copy, and he was recently on holiday in Greece and bought some cheap DVD's and when he played them he could hear voices and saw heads popping up infront of the screen, He had bought a crappy cam. HA HA HA [|) serves him right.

    Does anyone else know any horror or funny stories?

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    I think I saw a gut eating popcorn in Jgle Bk 2 via the wonders of TMD way back...

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    No real horror stories here. I've been using Klite2.43 for around 18months.

    I've had a couple of instances where a virus has been embedded in software but NAV has always caught it and deleted it. I've also had a few videos (can't recall format) where they couldn't be opened or deleted (explorer.exe just closed) but these were taken care of by a delete after boot in safe mode.

    I suppose that if we were all THAT concerned about protecting our peecees, we wouldn't share, surf or e-mail but then things would be pretty boring, wouldn't they ?

    If ppl aren't firewalled and virus protected.... they deserve to catch a cold !

    Long live Klite and Emule !

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    Video of Ghosts
    looks bogus

    this picture was taken at the cemetery where my great-great-great grandparents are buried in black log valley, pa. the black Xs are the locations of the graves, pop's (my grandfather) finger is on the right side, and the floating, glowing lights are the millers.
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    I plan on beating him to death with his kids. I'll use them as a bludgeon on his face. -

    --Good for them if they survive.

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    after an Xray of the image there is more....

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    Nice thanks LOL

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    Fkin Comedians...


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