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Thread: CPU temps normal?

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    I have an AMD athlon XP-2500 w/ Bartron core, and its about 40 degrees average, so i upped the FSB to 400 (3200 speeds) and the temp is about 40-45 this is a good temp for a OC'd cpu right? or should i get a few more case fans.

    btw my specs are
    Athlon 2500
    A-bit NFS-S
    512 PC3200 crucial ram
    80gb WD hdd
    Windows XP

    oh yeah i found the temps with aida32

    and what are good programs to test out this new CPU and the temps

    edit now its 30, browsing fst and still OCed
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    thats good temps! no need for more fans!

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    You fail to mention what CPU usage is during your temp monitoring, but judging from your last post it sounds like it is minimal.
    To make any informed judgement concerning temps ( especially when clocking) you must measure during max CPU load- idle temps are irrelevant.

    Furthermore, it's unwise to put all your eggs in one basket when measuring temps.
    Run several different apps (MBM5, SpeedFan, AIDA, BIOS) and see if there is a variation in reported temps...then ( just to be safe) go with the most pessimistic.
    Better safe than sorry is a good approach to take when pushing past stock speeds.

    Also, simply being able to boot to the desktop and cruise FST is not a very good indicator of system stability.
    Prime 95 will tell you if your system is actually running well or simply hanging on by it's fingernails...information which can be quite useful if you suddenly begin to experience weird failures or slowdowns.


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