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Thread: For what reason did you purchase that first console? (Xbox, Gamecube, or PS2)

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    It all started a Gamestop for me. I was sick of my 233mhz computer and shitty playstation with no games. I brought in my playstation, all of its games and controllers and looked at which console I wanted to buy. I had a brand new Gamecube. Playstation 2, and Xbox in front of me (I was overwhelmed ). I came into the store wanting a Playstation 2 but I looked at my other choices. I was then ready to grab my brand new PS2 but then looked more at Xbox and was thinking more about the PS2 (after my mom started yelling at me cause I was staring at the consoles for like an hour, I looked like a dumbass ) when a guy told me about Halo ( ) and introduced me to an Xbox. I was amazed at how good Halo looked. I owe my life to that guy, btw. Anyways I got a price for my Playstation and its games and only ended up paying $80 for a used Xbox and a copy of Halo. I went home and quickly unwraped the mighty box and connected it to my shitty t.v. I played Halo all night and morning and played it for many nights and days to come. I pretty much only bought an Xbox because of Halo but I'm glad I did.

    For what reason did you purchase that first console? (Xbox, Gamecube, or PS2)
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    i got my PS2 for the sole perpose of GTAIII. First played it at a friends and was hooked. To this day all i have ever bought for my PS2 is GTAIII and VC, and SA soon

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    Same here.

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    nes for mario

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    i bought my xbox for the awsome online play on XBox live, my first game was Unreal championship which is still a sweet game. i dont really play my xbox offline because online is soooo much fun, i play games like UC, CS, R6 3, Splinter Cell PT and Mechassault

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    Atari for some really poor F1 game...and Lombard R.A.C Rally too (at least, I think Lombard was on Atari)

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    I had PS1once, gave it away to me sisters kids.
    I still think them boxes are kinda lame with graphics etc (too use to PC's)
    But im guessing they're gettin' pretty good...
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    NES = only one i knew of at the time
    Gameboy = Handheld, had to have it
    SNES = Mario of course
    Genesis = Sonic
    N64 = Mario Again
    Gameboy Color = Color handheld
    PS1 = Metal Gear Solid/ N64 broke after 2months
    DreamCast = Sonic Adventures
    PS2 = MGS 2
    GC = Got it for my younger brother (barley played it)
    Xbox = Umm... no reason just needed to complet my colection

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    it seems im the only one who bought a console for other things rather than games...

    i was gonna buy a dvd player... then i decided i wanted it with divx support... the cheapest i could find was at 200 us dollars... i don't know why, but doing a search google sent me to xbox-scene forums to the xbmc section... only then i realized i could mod an xbox, install xbmc and play any type of audio and video currently supported on the pc, and with the ability of updating codecs n' stuff.... plus i could install a bigger hd and save all my movies in there...

    games were just a secondary reason...

    in the next couple of weeks i might be buying a ps2 *JUST* for GTA: San Andreas...
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    I've bought them all just to play different games.

    I even have an Atari Jaguar. POS

    The only system I never got was an Intellivision.
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