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    raven shield i've been waiting to buy this game for a long time and it was ment to come out in new zealand 1 week after america and today i read this at game planet

    friday 28th of march

    Classification Delays Raven Shield
    Posted by Big Gaz @ 9:04 a.m. NZST

    Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield is going to suffer a delayed release in New Zealand as the local Ubisoft distributors only discovered yesterday that they needed to submit it for classification. Stock is in their warehouse now, but it looks likely to sit there for up to 2-3 weeks while the OFLC put the game through its paces. Hopefully the whole process is over much quicker than that. We'll keep you updated

    it's not gona be here until late april well i can download this in a week so does anyone know where to get this kazza lite has nothing and e-mule plus moves sooooooo slow

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    I can find anything on direct connect. Its still going to take about 2 days to download. Direct connect is awsome in that thats where I get most my games as they always work.

    Overnet may be able to download the files faster than e-mule and I have gotten pretty good speeds with Overnet. (5-154 kb/s) STill alot of times it does the e-donkey thing and won't download crap though the file is there.

    Your best bet is to go for direct connect if e-mule is not working well

    The problem with direct connect is that you have to remove all the .dat files porn files and anything else that might get flaged as an invalid file from your share folder.
    Also to get on the better hubs you will need to share at least 35 gig worth of stuff. I just put all my movie files on my new hard drive.

    It was worth it. I can find about any movie (Alien 3) or game that is not bogus on direct connect. The problem is that you download directly from someones computer and not a whole bunch like kazaa so it can be slow, you just need to search around.
    However I did get iron storm and Command and Conquer Generls in one night by finding someone fast to download from. Just like Kazaa it depends on who is online and with what.

    good luck.

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    cool thanks for replying. yea i've heard of direct connect but never really used it. i'll have another look.

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    this has been out now in the warez scene for a little while, so expect to see a iso very soon



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