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    to get right to the point. i have a friend who is going to softmod my xbox using the well known tricks w/ 007 and action replay. after this i'm on my own.

    i have a few questions that i've tried to google but all the answers i've gotten were far too advanced for a newb like me to understand )

    for a while i'll be using the standard hardrive in the xbox as there are only two or three games i would like to transfer on it. i have downloaded the games from known sources and my question is how do i move the files from my computer to my xbox? the action replay comes with a usb cable, so can i simply connect my computer up to my xbox via a usb cable and drop and drag the files? or what's the process here...

    secondly, once i have file tranfering figured out. i will eventually drop a 120+ gig harddrive in my xbox, again i'm assuming this is done with the ftp process. backing up bios files and moving them over to the new harddrive correct?


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    You need to add the xbox to your network ( your pc) so you can do this by connecting a crossover cat5 cable from your ethernet card to your xbox, its the simplest way. Then you use an FTP program to transfer the files. Theres a tutorial floating around somewhere on this board.

    as for the hardrive...There are tools like Slayers that format the harddrive for you, so it works like a retail hd just with more space, i dont know alot about this so cant option is asking in

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    Also, a great program for FTPing is Flash FTP.


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