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Thread: Azureus is out!!! OMG!!!

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    Its out!! Get this program if u don't already have it. It is faster and I broke an upload record the first time I uploaded with the new version. I can't wait to try a download. The torrent speeds up much faster too. U need this client!!! - October 31, 2004
    New Features:
    • Core | Disk cache
    • Core | Ability to set IP type-of-service (TOS) field for outbound data
    • Core | Show current upload and download limits in status area
    • Core | Locale selection - options to add in all defined encodings + show lax list
    • Core | Change the incoming data port without restarting
    • Core | Display "warning message" responses in announce replies
    • Core | Added option for tracker to perform a connectability check to peers
    • Core | Have message aggregation, for bandwidth savings/efficiency
    • Core | Torrent HTTP urls now accepted as program command line parameter
    • Core | Option added to disable system tray
    • Core | Concurrent hashing for >1 CPU
    • Core | Added ability to not outward connect to a defined set of port numbers
    • Core | SOCKS V4, V4a and V5 (no auth/user+password methods) support for outgoing data connections
    • Core | Torrents created by Azureus now include .utf-8 fields
    • Core | Dynamic piece request queue scaling
    • Core | Added torrent name to authentication dialog
    • Core | Per-torrent upload speed limits
    • Core | Ability to change the sound played on torrent completion added
    • Core | Added session uptime to stats
    • UI | 'Download' menu added with start/stop all + pause/resume options
    • UI | Table col sort order default option added, thanks to Charnobo!
    • UI | URL Downloader window now support to set-up referrer and saves last used referrers
    • UI | New Statistic page about the disk cache (yeah more CPU consuming graphs)
    • UI | Down/Up speed indicators in main view are now double-clickable to open the Stats View
    • UI | Added Path and # Remaining Pieces to Files view, Tracker Name to MyTorrents view
    • Plug | webui support for torrent encoding choice
    • Plug | Tracker torrent stats available via xml/http interface
    • Core | Show time to re-announce/scrape in general view using hh::mm::ss
    • Core | Timeout tracker server operations
    • Core | Torrent opener will now report errors opening torrents better
    • Core | Complete core networking/messaging rewrite
    • Core | Stop scrape on UDP V2 torrents when download running
    • Core | Refactor of DiskManager
    • Core | Protocol tweaking for significantly reduced discard rates
    • Core | Tracker now treats port value of 0 as 'explicitly firewalled'
    • Core | Tracker client will revert to "initialised" state after explicit failure from tracker
    • Core | Locale selection changed to show more possible encodings
    • Core | XML stats - downloads ordered by downloading/index then seeding/index
    • Core | Reworked connection establishment to conform to new WinXP SP2 limits
    • Core | When restarting torrents are checked in smallest->largest size
    • Core | Reworked the piece picking so that slow peers don't "block" pieces to be completed
    • Core | JAR signing for webui (etc) now based on "tools.jar" from Sun JDK due to changes with their 1.5 JRE
    • Core | "Pause" command now greyed out if there is nothing to pause
    • Core | Create-torrent wizard now remembers comment data on back button + defaults for open/save dirs
    • Core | Reduced memory used of ipfilter list to help support large list sizes
    • Core | Added "*.*" to list of selectable file types in open-torrent dialogs
    • UI | Added a legend to the Pieces View
    • UI | Pieces View now display if the blocks are in the cache or not
    • UI | New Tools menu, Configuration --> Options, Plugins root menu, Language selection moved to config
    • Plug | UPnP plugin now only uses plugin interfaces
    • Plug | Differentiate UDP and TCP mappings in UPnP desc as some routers need this
    • Plug | UpdateLanguagePlugin removed, as no longer maintained
    Corrected bugs:
    • Core | Throw an error message if existing data file length is too large
    • Core | Fix new bug with tracker announce every 10s when no peers were connected
    • Core | Fix for renaming files across volumes
    • Core | Torrent auto-import now works with console UI
    • Core | Bug when setting upload to unlimited (forced download to unlimited too)
    • Core | Set downloaded amount correctly when opening a torrent with existing download data
    • Core | Detect changed file sizes (smaller) when resuming torrents
    • Core | Random shuffling of multi-tracker torrent URLs fixed
    • Core | Fix occasional 60sec delay on initial tracker announce
    • Core | Fix for reading piece data from a too-long file
    • Core | Stop scraping all announce URLs in a torrent when removing torrent
    • Core | File handle closing
    • UI | Labels with '&' displaying incorrectly
    • UI | Torrent Downloader Window : retry button now placed correctly
    • UI | Fix for clicking the plugins directory and open the folder from the Configuration>Plugins view
    • UI | Fix for animated message windows not being at the right place on dual monitors.
    • Plug | Netgear WGT624 was crashing when processing UPnP requests
    • Plug | Webui 'view' mode wasn't working
    • Plug | Webui - excessively long status text messing up table
    • Plug | azplugins - web tracker pages wasn't picking up "show details" option
    • Plug | webui - fixed bug with re-ordering of columns
    Link -
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    never tried it before - dwnlding
    are there any other plugins i need or is the standard package enough?
    or which ones would u advize?

    Plugins List

    Name Description Version Download
    (for latest AZ release)
    Auto Speed Automatically adjust global upload speed limit based on network latency. 0.3
    Auto Seeder Automatically seeds files based on the contents of torrent and data directories. 0.1
    AZCVSUpdater, A CVS Build Updater This plugin helps manage Azureus CVS releases by automating the process of checking for new builds, downloading them and installing them (and more!). 2.1
    Azureus Platform Plugins Not user downloadable. 1.4
    Azureus Core Plugins Due to refactoring the Tracker Templates and IRC have been moved to a separate plugin. This is it. 0.8.7
    Share Exporter Exports torrents for shared resources to a directory. 0.1
    Status Mailer Sends an email via SMTP when a download completes. 0.2
    Azureus Update Support Not user downloadable. 1.5.7
    BitTorrent IRC Bot This plugin for Azureus works as an IRC bot. 2.2.2
    Column Example 1 This sample adds 3 columns to Azureus. 1.1
    Column Example 2 Adds a graphical share ratio column. 1.1
    Country Locator Adds a column identifying the peer country in the details view 1.3
    Example Lists torrent files from a directory. 1.0
    i18nAZ Modifying/Create Azureus language files. 1.0
    Multi-Port Trackers Some over-loaded trackers use multiple ports to handle announces. 1.0
    RSS Feed Scanner An RSS feed parser that allows unattended, automated download of torrents by means of advanced feed filter configurability. 1.1
    RSS Import This plugin reads an rss feed and imports the torrent files into azureus, according to the filters you set. 2.2
    SafePeer This plugin allows you to use SafePeer to import a list of IPs to block to the IpFilter from some database (by default the one of PeerGuardian) Forums & Bug Report. 2.2
    Extra Seeding Columns Adds three columns to give seeding information: Actual Torrent file name, 1:1 upload ratio Eta and upload remaining percentage. 1.0
    Speed Scheduler Schedule your upload and download speeds based on time and day of week. 0.9.1
    Swing Web Interface This plugin lets you control Azureus remotely via a browser. 1.4.11
    XML over HTTP This plugin lets you control Azureus using an XML over HTTP remote interface. 1.0
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    "Safepeer" is a good one if you live in a country where you need to hide from the Boogey-Man(RIAA)

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    Only prob with safepeer is it takes 5 minutes to load Az

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanB
    Only prob with safepeer is it takes 5 minutes to load Az
    uhm, perhaps only if you have a slow connection. takes no more than 3 seconds top for me to start az.

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    It auto updated for me, dont see much differenece tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarnel
    It auto updated for me, dont see much differenece tho.
    yeah, me too.

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    I see nothing different either.

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    Its faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardcoreGamer
    Its faster.
    It's not faster, it all depends on how good you get your settings right.

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