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Thread: Gun Metal

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    yo, i got gun metal like a month ago, but when i try to run it, it tells me that my graphic card is not supported.

    i use
    radeon 7200 (i know i know, i am getting a new one in a month)
    768mb of ddr2100
    athlon xp 1800+ (overclocked )

    and some other crap i my computer.

    anyway, i just wanna know that i am not alone... cuz i see yetistudio has released a patch for the demo...

    thanks guys.

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    no it isnt just for nvidia cards....why would they do that especially since ati cards are controlling more and more of the market...i think you might just need to update the game or maybe your drivers

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    did u play that game? or be able to get it to work on your computer?


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