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    hi, when i click on reply to a message in my outlook express, part of my office 2003 package, the sixe of the font is about 20, but it says 10 in the option box, if you know what i mean. this only started today. when i receive e-mails, they are normal times roman size 12, so whats going on there?

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    ms outlook is part of office. outlook express is not. It's probably using the size of the sender's font when u reply.

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    Or it could be another prime example of ms freak out...

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    see whats going on, i dont understand, any real ideas as to whats going on??
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    Look around in the options..somewhere it might be set to mm or something like that instead of pixels.

    (i can't tell you where cause i dont use outlook and dont have it isntalled)

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    should i have my e-mail format type in , html or rich text or plain text?


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