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Thread: Ie Pitures Arn't Showing

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    Feb 2003
    Hi everyone I'm not sure where I should have posted this so if its in the wrong area please move it

    I have a problem using IE some piture images won't come up they come up with a red cross and won't work while browsing the web For example Ive noticed some avartars as well arn't coming up but some are what could be my problem how do I fix this??

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    Alot of avators are not showing on here due to the website hosting them is not
    up and running.
    If your seeing some then I dont know how to answer the other part of your question.

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    maybe just bad links on the websites.
    if some show and not others, try right clicking, and going to show picture.
    might help?

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    If You can't see some pictures then it's just that the image either are hosted at a site that dosnt allow hotlinking IE geocities, or it might be that the URL isnt correct.


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    there plenty of things it could be 1. your firwall set to high 2.removing some spyware can cause it to this 2
    but most of the time its your firwall i use zonealarm and if you turn block ads mobile code on i get these problems to when viewing certain sites also if i block cookies with it i cant use hotmail email.


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