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    Is this a safe way of transferring funds. I had an auction going that ran out and a person watching it wanted to buy it using BidPay. I have only used PayPal and dont know if BP is trustworthy.

    It is associated with Western Union. I am scheduled to have the package picked up tomorrow just after noon. And I am supposed to receive a MO in about 3-5 days.

    I took some images of the email. Here is one of them:

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    Western Uion saved my life once - total respect for them

    as for BidPay i have no clue

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    If anyone knows a way to find scammer email addresses, the address i received it from is:
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    This is an email I sent to BidPay just as a precausion:

    I have received and email from for a money
    transfer I was supposed to be receiving. I am not sure if this is one
    of the email addresses used by bidpay or not.

    I am selling something to someone claiming to be John John. He wanted
    me to ship the item to one of his "clients" in Nigeria.

    His preferred shipping service (DHL Shipping) reports his name is
    Walker Washinton. Here is a link to an image of the email I received
    when he supposedly began the transfer of money.

    ***image above***

    His behavior is abnormal and he is constantly trying to rush me. I
    have his DHL email name (a Yahoo UK address). I also have all of out
    conversations recorded.

    Please respond in as least amount of time as possible.

    Thank you
    Here is something I read on the BidPay online fraud page:

    Beware of unsolicited letters or emails from a Nigerian or other foreign government official requesting assistance in the transfer of excess funds from a foreign country into your bank account.
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    Thanks to a friend, we found the guy is a scammer.

    His IP from his email he sent me and the IP from the email I received from Western Union (BidPay) are the same.

    Both located in Nigeria as my earlier suspicions led me to believe.

    This mother f****er's gonna pay. :p
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