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Thread: Wrong File Names

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    Ontario Canada EH !!!!!!!!!!!
    A big raspberry for those people who misname files !!! I myself take note of who I DL a misnamed file from, I report it to KaZaA & I make sure that they DO NOT GET ANY OF MY FILES !!!! IF YOU GET A MISNAMED FILE, REPORT IT TO KAZAA : WHO YOU GET IT FROM & WHEN.


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    Report them to Kazaa?!

    As a member you can use the verifieds, so stick with them and avi preview. Try not to let it get to you - chill out, smoke a spliff

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    Report them to Kazaa (Sharman Networks) ? They wouldn't do anything for all they care. It's a risk you take when downloading by yourself.

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    fakes are just a part of the kazaa community.
    all p2p's for that matter. they wont bug you once
    you learn how to spot them(very easy).
    i just love the thought that the fakers put into
    selecting the fakes you repeatedly get.
    embrace of the vampire - sweet
    and she sucked your blood for 2-days making
    you think she was matrix-reloaded.
    talk about own3d. lol

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    Hell yes!, I hate that shit man, you wait couple of hours if its an mp3, and 3-4 DAYS if its a game ect..... (I'm on a56k) Then you open your file and....................Mother@#$#%$ its enough to make you want to twist someone's head clean off!!!!
    But, I've learned how to spot some of this crap.
    For instance: If its a game, look at the SIZE of the file if its a big game like 300mb or more and it says like176.987kb ITS BUNK or a DEMO!!
    Not much you can do about mp3's or mis-named shit though. Ahhh the risks one must take with P2P.
    Cheers :beerchug:

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    there are other ways to spot them. like the hover tag.
    go over all the different ppl that have the file and usually
    at least one or more ppl have named it to the correct filename
    even if the title still reads the fake name.
    just one example

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    4,589 stinks......I think everyone learns by getting burned...the only problem with verifieds is that so many people are downloading off them, that it can take a very long time to get what you want...I have files that have been waiting for a week or more...still patience I suppose, but frustrating anyway.....

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    I cn understand that too it pisses me off but reporting them isn't gonna do anything lol they will just change there user name


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