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    I'm using Kazaa Lite Tools K++ Version 2.7.0 Build one. My problem is the hide feature. When you hit alt-u, Klite hides itself, no systray icon. This is great, but not if the password is screwed. I've used the same password for over a year but just upgraded and now I can't get the damn thing opened. Somehow it screwed up my password. And yes, I know it's correct. After a year, I know it well as I use every time I get on.

    Where is the password stored? I used regedit (WinXP Home) and couldn't find anything that looked like it. I really don't want to rip all the stuff out, so does anyone know where its stored?

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    I think you just need the default password, if it was back I might guess filesharingtalk although I doubt thats it.
    Perhaps ask where you got the new version from as I dont use KL anymore myself...
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    The password will most likely be stored in the Windows Registry.

    Check if there is anything related to KLT under HKLM\Software\ and HLCU\Software\


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