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Thread: Cable Vs. Dsl

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    Why is it with my new cable connection (which averages a bandwidth of 1100ish) I have slower downloads ( on the same files with the same bandwidth rating from the other user) than with my prior DSL connection (which averaged about 800ish). I do have a firewall now and i didnt before. Does anyone have any sort of idea as to why my downloads average 13 kbps now as apposed to my prior of about 80 kbps? Please reply or email me with "Cable vs DSL" as the subject field at (and no i dont use AOL for my connection, just email). Thanks all

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    Here's the basics on downloads, also the Tips area is for giving tips not asking.

    Originally posted by Tip By: Shinigami & modified by The_Great_Dude

    Tip on Kazaa Lite [K++ Edition]
    Speed and PL System Basics:

    PL has nothing to do with speeds but priority on downloads (only on normal kazaa 2.0.2 users, any lower versions of kazaa will show a PL of 0 to them. So it's a first come, first serve at that point.)
    If you notice you have a PL of 1000 and it never drops because the cheat is automatically on, to turn it off: Go to Options, click more options..., K++ options, and uncheck the cheat.
    You can only download as fast as someone else can upload.
    You can only download if the other user has an open upload slot.

    Make sure you setted up you're firewall to allow access for Kazaa Lite [K++]
    Get rid of Ad-ware/Spyware and the like. (Programs that can do that are Adaware and Spybot)
    Make sure your system is optimized for your connection (use a program like Dr. TCP or CableNut)
    If your downloading rare files, of course its going to be slow!
    More sources usually = better speed
    Use tools that came with K++, such as AutoSearchMore, Speeedup, Kazap to find more sources.
    Try to control AutoSearchMore and let it rest awhile to avoid disconnection from KL.

    You see yourself as K-Lite Master and other K++ users do to, only 2.02 kazaa users see you as Supreme Being. This does not affect anything in anyway. You can also customize it with tools such as resource hacker.
    Verifieds does not mean it'll always start right away! It's just used to increase the chance of finding the right file.
    Try pausing and resuming the file.
    Try jumping SuperNodes or restarting Kazaa Lite.

    Speeds vary on what you download sometimes...
    GOOD LUCK! :-)
    Also try, or and test your speed there. If it matches your advertised speeds (what your ISP told you it was) then its not your fault. Also, try programs like Dr. TCP, CableNut or TCP/IP Optimizer...all found on either site.

    A hypothesis by The_Great_Dude:
    Also, I'm not sure but when the longer you have kazaa lite and not uninstall or reinstall, the speeds seem to be ok, since most of the old members here have no problems. Just a guess.
    I said this because, in the beta testing day of k++ beta 1, I saw a post saying Random Nut said speed slowed down when he switched to normal kazaa from kazaa lite for testing purposes. When he went back, his speeds went back to normal. Also if my memory serves me right, backup your network settings, or something like that.

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    Cable is way better. I get 3000k d/l and 128 u/p from Adelphia Powerlink. On speeds tests i get 2900ish d/l and 120ish u/l its way faster than dsl. Most cable provide higher d/l speeds. You should have better speeds probably a firewall problem. Best way to firgure this one out. Is go to and do a tweak test then d/l dr. tcp and input exactly the settings it has recomended for and then do a speed test form there as well and that should fix most problems.

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    Originally posted by the-ninja69@29 March 2003 - 02:54
    Cable is way better.
    yea i agree but hey i have dsl and itz great sooo who cares

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    I have DSL myself and I have no complaints

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    Originally posted by Schuelady1960@29 March 2003 - 04:37
    I have DSL myself and I have no complaints
    ummm lets say

    CABLE 2 // DSL 2

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    At the risk of being a "know-it-all-i've-got-my-head-in-my-ass-jerk-off-since-this-is-my-first-post" ... i have some interesting info that will hopefully help set this topic to more of a technical level.... *btw.. i'm a network admin to be (once i'm finally Certified and then if i can keep the grades... )* DSL VS. Cable is a lot of different evils and factors at work... what is good for one house may be horrible at another... the main thing with dsl is that it depends on your distance from the phone company i.e. the length of the lines from your house to the company's building. the longer the lines the worse the connection will be. Where as Cable doesn't have this problem (Cable lines don't have much signal loss over signicant lengths, but you will have bandwidth limits depending on just how far you are from the cable provider as per the FCC...). The problem with cable is more a matter of how many ppl close to your house have the same cable internet provider (which to my experience is pretty much everyone within the usual distance that matters). The more users the more the bandwidth is split up between them.... That is the main difference in service for most people... i personally have Charter Communications' Digital Cable Internet service.... and since i only pay for a 1.5 MBPS connection and am running around 2.3 i can't bitch... the speed tests i use may be inaccurate (which is prolly it, but hey it's nice to dream).. if the test aren't it's prolly cuz i live in the middle of Butt F**K egypt of my town and no one to my knowledge has this service for a good ways.... so i get most of the bandwidth... where as i live way too far from the phone company to even think of DSL... if anyone would like to investigate my thoughts dropped here PLEASE DO SO AS THIS WILL PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE!!!! always find out for yourself if what someone else says is true facts or if they're blowing sunshine up ur A**.... te he... hope to hear if this helped neone... l8erz JO JO

    These herez R some good places to get some ideas.... but remember.. i gave these 2 U... so still... look for more than what i offer..... and you'll get a better idea than just someone you don't know from somewhere which could be anywhere saying something that may or may not be true... Mwah ha ha ha...

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    It all depends...

    -The contention ratio (50:1, 20:1 etc.)
    -Time of day

    I'd say ADSL is better...

    Over here in the UK business broadband comes with 20:1 contention which means for every one person in your area there are 20 others. Also you can get around 2Mbps downstream... which equals around 250KB

    The upstream is shit though around 256Kbps which means around 32KB.

    ADSL router, filter, modem etc costs around 80 max

    This is all for around 45 p/m

    Not bad, I wouldn't know much about cable though, ADSL's the thing around here..or satellite broadband

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    Ye im the Midlands (UK) Most Of Us Have ADSL. Im On BT Broadband. Some of my friends have NTL Cable but i aint had any problems really with ADSL

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    ah yeah.. see i'm stuck over here in *god forbid i say this* stagnant country america... i'm so all about the uk and europe... the music the clubs... etc.... america is so stuck on this materialist thug life... there's so much more... alas... but here usually it's a toss up cuz you can only get one or the other depending on where youlive... but personally i like cable as i have the same upstream as downstream connection.

    alass..... till i hit the sky wayz i'll have to do...

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