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Thread: Nvidia Vs. Ati

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    Which is better overall for video cards? I know that the Radeon 9700 whips the FX, but what about drivers? ATI stops making new ones only a couple of years after, whereas nvidia has all drivers backwars compatable... . Whats better?

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    This argument will rage on for ever. I view it as the Apple vs PC argument.

    It my mind one thing is king and that is compatibility. Now we can argue about that, and I would argue Nvidia are the most compatible. Some games simply wont run unless you have a nvidia card.

    Thats all I needed to know.

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    I must say I've never had that problem.

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    there is vary little diffrence in any of the nvidea or ati cards dont beleve the hype

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    Not that old chesnut again! you could argue this forever!
    Anyway Nvidia best by miles

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    I have had both and I believe that NVIDIA is a better brand.

    My ATI Radeon 7000 with 64MB of DDR is slightly better than my kid's NVIDIA 32MB

    Actually, I can't see the difference, except that I got UPDATED XP drivers for the NVIDIA, but for the ATI, couldn't find a driver specificlly for XP (looked like Win 2000 hack job). The only driver for the ATI is well over a year old.

    GeFORCE cards are based on the NVIDIA technology. I tried my buddy's computer with the GeForce card (128mb of DDR) and it was amazing!!!!!! Amazing price too over $300.00!!!!!

    I vote for NVIDIA as being better:[*]Long history of great reputation[*]Updated drivers, and easy to find[*]Appears to work better than the competitors[*]Great for XP[*]High rating everywhere[*]TV out is exceptional quality (on select cards)[*]many 3D games are based on NVIDIA, such as Unreal Tournament


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