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Thread: counterstrike source problem....

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    i just updated windows xp, and now when i try to join a server, I get a message that says "the server you are trying to join is using a newer client than the one you have"...something along those lines. How do i fix this problemo?

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    Valve have updated css, you'll have to wait for a cracked update to be released. At the moment Emporio have cracked for updates (read about number 4 here) From what I'm hearing Emporio is working on the fifth update right now so hopefully we'll see it by the weekend.

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    where can i find it?

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    Yeah , when ever i try to join a server in CSS , i get a message stating that the server has a new protocol (6) . I guess we just have to wait for an emporio update , hopefully they'll release it sooner.


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