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Thread: MACROMEDIA FLASH PRO 2004 v7.2 is being a bitch

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    ok just a few weeks ago, all was well, i was making animations n stuff, and exporting them to .swf. but now when i try to export to .swf it just stops half way on the progress bar, and the progress bar just closes, and it doesnt make a file! and i tried naming a new .swf i was trying to export into one i had already made and didnt care about, and it asked if i wanted to overwrite and i click yes, then progress bar shows up, stops half way, closes, and the .swf just dissappears, doesnt even show up in trashbin, wtf is going ?!

    i tried downloading it again, but still, same problem...this is making me sad latest flash i made is quite, i think so, cuz i have made progress in meh skills.

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    Uninstall it completely and then clean your registry with one of the suggested cleaners in this room. Also before you clean your registry, delete the Flash directory, or the entire Macromedia directory if Flash is the only macromedia product, then use the registry cleaner and restart for gold ole' luck. Then reinstall, and maybe dont update. I have MX 2004, version 7 and it works awesome.
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