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Thread: Donald Rumsfeld. Biggest Idiot Since Mcnamara?

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    So it seems that 130,000 more troops are on their way to Iraq. So much for Rumsfeld's brilliant war plans to limit the number of American troops involved. I'm not saying it's wrong to send them, just that they should have been there in the first place. Bush continues to insist that this is not a war of half measures. Rumsfeld is a man of half measures. the only doctrines that suit the American military are guerilla tactics performed by very small numbers of highly trained forces, or overwhelming force. There is nothing in between that maximizes effectiveness and minimizes American casualties. No amount of technology is going to change this.

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    That guy's a knob!
    And what about bush asking for, what was it something like 74billion for the war?!
    Well, I just can't wait to pay 4$ for a gallon of gas

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    It's fuckin' 4 in England mate. Pretty soon only the rich will be able to travel from city to city. Then the Government will have us all trapped!!

    I've said too much.

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