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Thread: Home Network Problems

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    Well, I get my PCs shareing folders and such, but then I run into some problems were they refuse to share. What the hell!? Are there any software programs out there that can ensure that my home network doesnt refuse to share? Like they will automaticly check settings to allow the 4 computers to share? I need a way to solve this problem soon, because it's causeing us all problems.

    They all have Windows XP Pro
    They are all on the same Linksys Router
    They are all set-up with ZoneAlarm (might be the main culprit..even though I set it up on every machine to allow shareing and allow the IPs of each comp)

    Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong in ZoneAlarm?

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    the only thing i can think of right now is
    right clik on the folder(s) you want to share-clik sharing&security - share the folder

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    hmm...u might wanna examine ur Local Area Connection properties from the Network Connections (in Control Panel), make sure File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is checked

    btw, they are all in the same workgroup, right?


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    I do not know if this is even relevant but I recently had a few experiences with home-networking and routers myself:

    Another possibility is that the direction of traffic flow from any single or all your systems are set so that traffic is allowed only "one-way".

    Check your rules within ZoneAlarm and make certain that the correct ports are open for TCP and UDP traffic as they pertain to your network.

    Your router will need the same ports (port range) open for TCP and UDP traffic as well.
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    run the network setup wizard on all the computers. works a charm

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    Yeo it worked for me.

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    Maybe you din'nt set the permission for the folder right? Check the security tab in the folder's properties.

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    Wolfmight, you don't say exactly what your problem is.
    Can you see the other computers when you browse the network, yet not access any files?
    Can you not see any other computers when you browse the network?
    If you disconnect the router from the WAN and turn off ZoneAlarm, does it make a difference?

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