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    I need a new hard drive as my old one broke, I was looking at 200GB Maxtor one, Would my motherboard "Asus A7N8X-E" run SATA alright?
    All my old hard drives have been run of the standard IDE cables to tell you truth I don't know the diffrence between them as I've never seen SATA.
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    SATA is faster than IDE, although you might not notice much speed difference with drives that are out today (they dont take full advantage of sata). but SATA cables are nice and thin so it keeps the case neat and tidy.

    That board does support sata so your all set.
    If you plan to install widnows onto this drive then you will need the motherboard's driver disc\sata driver disc for windows setup to get it to recognise the drive.
    If it's a storage drive then you will need to install these drivers from the device manager in windows.

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of F6 and floppy drives.

    Don't forget to change BIOS to read from SATA ( or, in my case, SCSI, as there is no SATA option) drives.


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