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    i have asked so many times how to make a playable CD/DVD from a BIN/CUE file, and i always get directed to download lots of different PROG's, (none that work, or that i understand) is there anybody at all that can really tell me in simple terms "WHAT TO DO" i have all the relevant BURNERS...XP CD PRO...NERO...EASY CD...i am beginning to wonder whether anyone has really achieved the proccess, and if so could they please tell me the "SECRET"? it's really difficult for a"NEWBE", but we all have to start, so C'mon people "HELP" (in laymans terms) please. i've looked through the forums, and could give lots of answers to the ??'s that i have recieved, but the "NEWBE" is still in the dark! think on that there are many of PLAYERS out here who like myself (it took me 2 weeks to even turn the bloody thing on) have had no training at all before owning a "COMPUTER" , again PLEASE HELP US, we'll all be gratefull, and maybe (lets hope) we can help the next NEWBE'S. thanks

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    Burn the .cue file as a VideoCD, it should automatically load up the bin and extract the mpg to burmn then...

    Alternatively, and what i do..

    Download ISOBuster..

    Its a program that has a time limit, however the part that you need will continue to work after the timelimit has expired, so its free in effect.

    Use that program to extract the mpg from the .bin file.

    You can then burn the mpg as a SVCD.

    Or Look Here for a full guide...
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    If you've asked here then you've probably been told this:

    open nero burning rom
    click recorder>burn image
    point to the cue file.

    it loads up all the info and you just go to burn.


    or use alcohol 120% to mount the image so you dont ned to burn it to cd you can leave it on your hard drive and have a virtaul cd drive.


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