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Thread: Frustration over connection problems

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    Hi All: Firstly, all my connections to places like piolet and using azureus were working fine .... until .... I have put together a small home network. Up front I have a box with server 2000, zonealarm, and Norton Antivirus, set up with a shared internet connection. Now, my own puter (also has zonealarm) is connected to the server with a cross-over and can indeed share the internet connection, that works fine .... but .... now I get a nat error when using azureus (all yellow faces) and cannot connect at all with piolet. I have all the necessary ports open on both zonealarms on each puter - have even turned off zone on my personal puter - but still nada. Anywone have any ideas - please??


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    The server blocks the ports you need for azureus (6881-6999).
    I tried to fix this for a friend so taht he could use bittorrent but we couldn't figure it out without turning off the firewall altogether (we never tried cause his dad wouldn't let us lol).

    so try disabling it temporarily and see if it works then.

    edit: or see if the internet connection sharing options has anything about port forwarding.
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    i thought only server has nat, but im sure you can find a few guides on google to open the needed ports.

    btw, what is a piolet? and its computer!!!!!!!!!


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