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Thread: Counter Strike : Source Update 5 Finally Here!

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    Emporio has released its 5th update for CSS .Hopefully this prevents the protocol 6 error. DownLoading it right now.

    You can get the file from Suprnova now.
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          пллппплл пл       лллп пллпплм    млпплм   пллпплм   лл   млпплм
           лл    л  лл     лллл   лл   лл  лл    лл   лл   лл      лл    лл
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                                        пм    лм ппп мл      л
                                          л    ллмммлл      л
                                           л    плллп      л
                                            л            мп
                                             пм       ммп
    		  Counter-Strike: Source Updates Patch 5
    В  Release Date  :  07-11-2004           Protection   :  Custom Steam Crap     В
    В  File Count    :  7x15MB               Game Genre   :  Action / FPS          В
    А  Release Notes:                                                              А
    л  You don't need our previous updates, they're included in this one!          л
    л  This update will fix all your protocol problems etc ;)                      л
    л                                                                              л
    л  Steam Fixes:                                                                л
    л  Added cheat protection to flashlight option                                 л
    л  Changed mp_roundtime to accept more granular values                         л
    л  Fixed display of Asian Windows 98 fonts                                     л
    л  Fixed memory leak after multiple level changes                              л
    л                                                                              л
    л                                                                        ENJOY!л
    А  Install Notes:                                                              А
    л                                                                              л
    л  1. Unpack the updated Files with WinRAR or WinACE                           л
    л  2. Copy over the files located in the /Files directory                      л
    л     OPTIONAL: Apply the NEW Online Play Patch for online play!               л
    л  3. Have fun!                                                                л
    л                                                                              л
    л             *** Thanks to TEAM LUCiD for cracking support ! ***              л
    А                                                                              А
    В                               You know where to find us!                     В
    В  Waiting for HL2              Thanks to all! (You know who you are!)         В

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    Heh, yea... that info to the torrent cant be there. But thats for the info
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    I was just coming on to post about this, looks like you beat me to it F1

    I wonder how long it takes before we need update 6.


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