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    I little song about it:


    How many ppl hacks/cheats on online games? (Diablo 2, CS , AAO etc...)

    Personally I dont do it. Its pretty lame.
    I do cheating on offline games sometimes, but it still ruins the game imo.

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    Ahahaha... funny song.

    "16 headshots in 2 f***** minutes"
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    Hacking shows weakness.
    I personally think the people that go 30-0 in the first 5 rounds seriously have no life whatsoever, so no I do not hack
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    I used to aimbot on sof II a sof II gold an i did kill that 16 headshots in 2 mins it was more like 50 head shots in 2 mins

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    That thing gets a perm. bookmark.

    Ive listened to it like 10 times.
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