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Thread: The Sims Expansion

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    I just downloaded the sims and all the expansions. They are all seperate files but they are rips instead of images. I installed the sims and i can play it fine but when i try to install the expansions it says that that original isnt detected and that i need to reinstall from the cd. What should i do to be able to install the expansions, they are all .exe by the way. this has happened with all the games that i have that are rips. It installs but it doesnt do it through windows so its not on the program list and its not in the uninstall window or anything but it still plays fine. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I've never had any luck installing Sims rips (or any expansion rips, for that matter). Especially if your main Sims is a rip, unless the rips were all done by the same guy in the same way, it's unlikely they'll be compatible.

    There are verifieds for all Sims in .iso format here, and if that doesn't work out, they're very plentiful on eMule. If you have broadband, you should have all of them in about a day and a half.

    That's another reason I don't like rips: it's difficult to uninstall them, especially if they put things all over the damn place.

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    sorry man you have to either get some standalone versions of the expansion packs and have them ALL installed seperately or redownload the images with emule like nakor said

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    According to the readme files it also says to install vacation last. If u did not ur suppossed to save ur neigborhoods or "userdata" to somewhere like ur desktop then uninstall all and reinstall with vacation being at the end.

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    Click here for all the Sims Games in CD Image Form. You shouldn't have much problems with these. They're all in order too.


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