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    I am downlaoding this off dc++ can anybody tell me how long it is past the original in minutes and what new scenes it has? I cannot find any info on it and it's real I previewed it

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    the extended edition is the version that's currently sold on dvd in the u.s. & u.k. it's 8 minutes longer than the theatrical cut. the extra material was originally shown on the first TV airing (as a way to pad the movie for an airing over two evenings 'cause it was too long for the standard two-hour movie time slot).

    the dvd does not contain everything from the television edit (182 minutes compared to the dvd's 151 minutes)... but then a lot of the television edit's new material was prolly pointless filler.

    list of additions from
    The current DVD, in addition to containing the 2000 restored director's cut, has 2 deleted scenes (both of Lex' babies, and seen in the TV edits in their original context), and alternate audio scoring for 8 sequences (including an unreleased alternate pop version of Margot Kidder's "Can You Read My Mind"). The DVD has the 2000 restoration with the following additions/expansions (all of which were seen in previous expanded television versions):
    Some added dialogue when Jor-El is talking with the council.
    The council calls an "Executioner" to hunt and kill Jor-El to keep the rocket from launching.
    Noel Neill and Kirk Alyn's speaking cameos on the train.
    Little girl sees Clark running faster than train, parents call her Lois Lane.
    In the kitchen Martha Kent takes out a box of Cheerios.
    After rescuing Air Force One Superman returns to Fortress of Solitude and has a conversation with his father.
    In Metropolis when the news of Superman comes out, Clark is a spectator. A stranger (played by an uncredited Richard Donner) comments "that'll be the day when a man can fly"; Clark grins.
    While trying to get Luther's lair Superman goes through machine guns, flame thowers, ice machines with Luther taunting on loudspeaker.
    The sequence with the Girl Scouts.
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