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Thread: Ive got a problem, a BIG one!

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    im using nero 6 reloaded, to burn my stuffs, and the freaking problem im having is that I CANT BURN ANY CD!!! ive wasted about 8 CDs so far, and ive tried all different files for each and ever burn... all files are about 300MB, my problem always i recieve, is that 'no seek completed' or ' no fixation' etc

    what could be the problem here? ive tried burning at the lowest speed at 4x too, and i still end up the same, previous version of nero used to work fine for me, ever since ive installed reloaded, even alcohol ive used, is giving me the same error as what's nero's been showing to me

    i need help here guys, pity the 8 CD souls who had gone to waste


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    have you tried using other burning software?

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    Flash your Cdwriter Driver if ur problem didnt solve the problem is with your CDwriter, but dont worry its your driver problem just get it driver and flash it.

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    are you using the latest version of nero? maybe its a bug and got fixed in a newer version
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    I recently had something similar although I use Alcohol and just removed and reinsatlled my writers and was fine...

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    Also, some ppl prefer the Nero 5.5 instead of the latest.
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    u should've tried with a CDRW rather than CDRs. no need to waste on 8 discs.
    i suggest using nero 5.5 too. it's old but it's not as buggy as v6

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    Quote Originally Posted by gildan2020
    u should've tried with a CDRW rather than CDRs. no need to waste on 8 discs.
    i suggest using nero 5.5 too. it's old but it's not as buggy as v6


    thats what ive suspected too, cause i was using 6.1 previously,and there was no problems like this, i guess i'll have to try going back to 6 or 5.5, but the problem im having now, is where to search for it?

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    44,031 is always a good place to start looking for old versions
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    i had a problem like this before where it could not fixate and i was getting power calibration errors . it turned out that the cheap cd's that i bought were the problem so try some decent disc's.


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