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Thread: FilmMachine And CCE

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    I go through all the steps to convert avi to dvd in FilmMachine and then for some reason when CCE starts I have to manually selct the ecl, which Im not sure if that normal or not, but then when it finishes even though I have the mpeg my image folder only has an rtf but no bin/cue in it as it should be...

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    The rtm says...
    could not stat() file `G:\TFM_Muxed_TitlePicture.mpg': No such file or directory
    could not open input stream <G:\TFM_Muxed_TitlePicture.mpg>
    building videocd failed

    Oddly though I do have a tfm_muxed_file00.mpg in the directory.
    I guess I could use something to make the mpeg to svcd now.


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