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Thread: Playstation 2

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    I read a thread once that mentioned watching movies on PS2. Is that really possible? Do you have to go through the hassle of encoding, etc before you can use it or can you burn a data disk and play it? Any info on the "whats" and "how to's" would be great.

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    hey man...
    Yes it is possible to play DivX and XViD movies on ur PS2...i am doing it right now...but you need a mod-chip like messiah 2 which is the best! and secondly you need this software called's emule link if u want to download it


    (copy and paste the link above in emule)

    you have to burn this onto cd and boot it in ur Ps2...then put your divx or xvid movie in and play!!! Works first even i couldn't believe that my PS2 could play Divx and Xvid movies...but hey it's working perfect now....

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    Where do you get the mod chip? Cost? Is it hard to install? Sorry for all the questions but... it seems like the best deal of all. Do you burn your XVID and DVIX movies onto a data disk?

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    there is a webpage where it sells ps2 mod chips for certain things... search in google

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    If u live in the u.s it will cost between 40-50 installed on ur ps2!It's better if a technician installs's kinda risky if u do i said it costs 40-50 and installation is free too!
    Divx movies and xvid movies can be played like the way u normally would in pc...yes a data disc. just put the cd in the ps2 and play! awesome! One thing though the cd has to be closed(finalised) in order to play in ps2...
    Later for now....

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    So is this one different to PlayerFinalPS2Divx ?? because i read the info on that one and the Divx cds have to be created with a program called 'cdgenps2'.

    Gonna download this one anyhow and give it a blast.


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    it's the same thing all right...but you don't have to put the avi in the same cd as cdgenps2....just burn the file i posted to a cd...then boot into ur ps2....after booting remove the cd and then load the avi great for me.......totally awesome...

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    You mentioned the chip is $40 to $50 and installation is free. Where do you get it installed.? Anyone know anyone in AZ.?

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    just search for it on the internet......u are bound to find something...

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    Thanks so much for your help. I found one set up on ebay. I'll keep my fingers crossed and let you know if it works.

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