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    Well since I didnt get any replies in my posts about FilmMaker then Ide like to know what is the simplest, self automated and as flawless as possible app that can take an avi to dvd vob files...

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    DivxToDVD 0.1.2

    DivXToDVD is designed to convert many types of popular DivX/XVid AVI files into a complient DVD Video_TS folder and allow direct recording to a DVD. We have tested this software and found it to encode many types of these files without the need for external codec installation.

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    Well so far Ive done one test and thats great software.
    Not only is it fast and easy but also uses less resources.
    Thanks for the link...

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    actually what you want is Ulead Video Studio 8.0 full Retail i have seed of it. don't get the 128Mb ones thoes are just trials get teh 1.01 GB versions thoes are legit, great fro converting AVI to DVD and anything else, if ya want a link to it shoot me a PM

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    To be honest thats a great offer and all but Ill say when I used FilmMaker it took about 5 hours or so from start to finish if it didnt crash or get stuck. When I use the app IKE linked to it takes less than 1 hour and didnt crash yet and also has a preview window and the installer is only 2mb or so. The GUI of the app looks very similar to DVDShrink and I cant imagine anything being simpler or quicker. I have an avi DVD player although on occasion I want to be able to play something on a standard player and this is the perfect app for me...
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    dam I i didn't know that I always thought that avi had to be converted to MPEG-2 first before it could be encoded to VOB files...... Ill have to give that program a go

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    Ya no shit youll be amazed I was actually just thinking about you and was gonna stop by SS and mention it...

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    the easiest prog that i have found is dvd santa if you can get hold of that .

    i forgot to say it will also do the burning for you
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    WinAVI > DivxToDVD because of it's versatility in converting other filetypes.

    But if all you want to do is convert .avi files to DVD then they're much of a muchness.
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    What Ide like to know at this point is quality wise actually. Ive used TMPGenc with the standard setup and FilmMaker and have DVDSanta but havent used it yet and of course am now using VOS, it seems to TMPGenc had quality loss as Ive heard others do also thats noticable, FilmMaker quality wise was goods but crashed alot and was very slow and a major resource hog, VOS seems to have vrtually no quality loss and additinally is fast and simple but lacks options, which I dont need, awaiting the pro release. So Ide be curious as to whoever has used more than one can compare the actual video quality amongst these apps or others...
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