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Thread: winword auto starts up

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    hi, my 'winword' automatically starts up, at start up, how can i stop this from happening?

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    goto start>programs>startup

    is it there? if so, delete it

    if not, then go start>run>"msconfig">startup

    find the exe and untick the box next to it
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    You could use the handy Startup tool attached also...
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    amazingly enough vivitron, but my winword was not in both of those places, i think i have now discovered something else, and that is that winword stays started after i have used it and closed it, is that what should happen?

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    There might be option to rule out, "Start Winwhatever with Windows"
    Also, it may not be named after itself on the startup config, --> check the program path.

    One might look into registry also.

    I see red when apps too that, its a hassle.

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    WinWord may be in Startup by default and will even attempt internet access on recent versions which is fkin stupid. I used Sygate for a permanent block. Also have you tried the Startup tool I ul up above, it really makes it simple...


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