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Thread: Bin Files

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    How do u play Bin files plz can some one tell becuase I downloaded CM4 and it is a Bin file

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    You burn a .bin file to a CD, or extract it using something like WinISO.

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    daeomon tools mounts bins and u can play them

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    Just use ISO Buster and it will bust it open for you and highlight and extract all the files to your unzipped folder and click on setup.

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    if you have CloneCd just convery the .bin to a .iso and then put it on the cd, it will autorun from there

    (please correct me guys if im wrong)

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    Originally posted by Kazaa Lite freak@28 March 2003 - 20:08
    if you have CloneCd just convery the .bin to a .iso and then put it on the cd, it will autorun from there

    (please correct me guys if im wrong)
    You cant convert a bin file to iso.
    but you could just burn it on cd using the .cue file, then it will autorun.

    Edit: For information on how to burn it look into the FAQ.

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    with winiso you can convert bin 2 iso withaut any problem B)

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    Originally posted by Benno+28 March 2003 - 14:24--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Benno @ 28 March 2003 - 14:24)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> You cant convert a bin file to iso. [/b]

    WinISO, you can do that. This is also a good tip for Bin files:

    <!--QuoteBegin--By: Datamore

    A .bin file is a CD image. That means that a whole CD was copied into just one big file.
    A file type similar to .bin is .iso.
    These files are meant to be burned onto CDs in order to get an exact copy of the CD from where the .bin or the .iso file was created (some CDs have copy protections and the image burning won&#39;t be enough, so you&#39;ll be given a crack too, to run the game or application).
    You&#39;ll need the .cue files to burn the .bin files, but don&#39;t worry if you don&#39;t have them. You can also burn them without the cues.
    If you&#39;re going to burn a .bin file make sure both the .bin and the .cue are in the same directory.
    I recommend using Nero to burn the CD images.
    First of all, use CDmage and check the image file for errors.
    Then open up Nero.
    Go to &#39;File&#39; > &#39;Burn Image...&#39;
    Choose the .cue file that corresponds to the .bin file you want to burn, and click on &#39;Open&#39;.
    Choose the burning options and burn the CD.

    If you don&#39;t have the .cue files, go to &#39;File&#39; > &#39;Burn Image&#39;, choose the .bin file (not the .cue) and click on &#39;Open&#39;.
    A window will popup saying &#39;Foreign image settings&#39;
    Make sure the &#39;Type of Image&#39; is &#39;Data Mode 1&#39; and the &#39;Raw data&#39; box is checked.
    Click on &#39;OK&#39;, choose the burning options and burn the CD.

    If you don&#39;t want to burn the files you can always use virtual drives to emulate a CD drive (Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120% are the best), mount the image files, install the game and run it. All of this from your hard drive.

    You can also try a program like WinISO or IsoBuster to extract the files from the .bin or. iso and run the files from your harddrive.

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    isobuster is better

    do a normal kazaa search and you will find a cracked one of it

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    You also use to search for a keygen.

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